6 questions I ask myself before sharing anything

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The desire to participate at any cost is dangerous, so be well informed and well equipped rather than just well-meaning.

When advocating on behalf of any community to which we don’t belong, we must be honest with ourselves and strategic in our efforts, especially within the context of social media. If you’re neither willing nor ready to champion a cause offline — where it’s less convenient and more consequential — your social media activism may discourage more than inspire.

With lives and our collective well-being on the line, I ask the following before sharing anything:

Understand why people are speaking…

4 therapeutic activities that aren’t meditation

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Therapeutic practices enrich our wellbeing and overall quality of life. Rather than approaching therapy as a fix for what’s wrong — a restrictive mindset that can reinforce negative self-perceptions — ask yourself, What would I rather be doing instead? The more we engage in beneficial activity, the fewer resources we dedicate to unfulfilling endeavors!

Here are four alternatives to meditation to get you started:

  1. Gratitude journaling: regularly writing about something for which you’re thankful can improve sleep and encourage resilience and optimism overtime. …

tips for finding, assessing, or leaving a therapist

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Let’s be clear: we can all benefit from therapy.

Few of us operate exclusively in safe, supportive spaces that foster mutual trust, respect, and purpose. Self-soothing practices help us cope with a less-than-ideal reality. But not all coping strategies are effective or healthy. Our needs also change over time. Good therapy — be it traditional psychotherapy or therapeutic activities — helps us feel safe, credible, and capable.

What does effective therapy look like?

When most people think of therapy, they think of psychotherapy — talking to a licensed professional such as a psychologist, social worker, or general therapist. Therapy, depending on the approach, can be more…

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what begins as a “note to self” may prove useful to someone else | becca

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